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Welcome to vodbov Cables - it is a production base owned and manufactured by a unique European. Vodbov is a manufacturer of mobile phones, Hdmi, computer cables and Apple licensed products. Vodbov cables, Bluetooth earphones, Wired headphones, USB, Podcasts  offer you the highest quality products with years of experience.Vodbov cables offer the same level of high efficiency as much more expensive cables. Vodbov designs and manufactures products that require qualification for consumers, wholesalers, store owners, manufacturers who need cable and connection systems. Vodbov Cables can be used at all points of life at school, camp, in emergency situations, at home, in the office and in all vehicles in the automotive sector. Vodbov Cables are designed to transfer the energy you need to your devices.Vodbov has over $ 4.5 million of precision machinery and a highly qualified international team of more than 175 people: electronic engineering, industrial design, technical engineering, audio and acoustic engineering, metal production, tool making, injection mold technology, logistics, assembly, quality control (a unique control developed by our German engineers), marketing and sales. Besides our main campus in Shenzhen, we also have stores in Shenzhen, our Longhua factory and offices in Manhattan USA. Our distributors and strong showcase network, our Vodbov Cables are sold and growing in 17 countries, making Vodbov a truly global company.

The brand of Micatel LLC!

Manhattan United States of America

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